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Carsten Jørgensen

Handmade knives


Graduated teacher with creative art and music as major subjects. I have worked with drawing, painting and ceramics. And I have carved in wood, meerschaum and amber.

As a knifemaker I am autodidact. I built my first knife in 1996. All is handcrafted, and I gladly spend 60 - 70 hours on a knife with sheath. Some knives up to about 100 hours.

My knives are all unique.

I use materials like hardwood, stabilized wood, mammoth tusk, walrus tusk, hippopotamus tooth etc.

I build knives for use, hunting - leisure, as well as showpieces.

The blades are mostly made by wellknown knifesmiths and blademakers as Poul Strande, Aage Frederiksen, Michael West, Per Gleerup, Robert Mattson, Jonny W. Nilsson, Conny Persson, Matthias Stürefors et. al.

I also create my own blades, by cutting and filing from bars. And of course, I couldn't  resist the challenge to try forging. Damascus too.

For the sheath, I allways use halftanned leather, which is dyed and "pauted"(an old traditional Scandinavian technique to decorate the leather).

I'm a member of Dansk Knivforening, DKF, (Danish Knifemaker Association), since 2001, as well as a local group of knifemakers.

Since 2003 I have participated in the annual contests, arranged by DKF and by Vendsyssel Knivmagerlaug (Vendsyssel Knifemakers Guild).


DKF - 2003 : 1. Pr. Beginners Class.

  -         -     : 2. Pr. Open Class.

  -      2007 : 1. Pr. Advanced Class.

  -         -     : 3. Pr.     -  -           -   

  -      2009 : 2. Pr.  Art - and Decoration Knives Class.

  -      2011 : 1. Pr., Class-Winner and Danish Champion in Art - and Decoration Knives Class.

  -      2012 : 3. Pr. Art - and Decoration knives Class.

  -      2013 : 2. Pr.  -        -        -     -          -         -

  -         -     : 3. Pr.  -        -        -     -          -         -    .

VK  -  2014 : 3. Pr.  Finer Utility Knives.

DKF - 2015 : 1. Pr. and Winner of the Class,  Art - and Decoration Knives.

-       2017 : 3. Pr.  Art - and Decoration.


In 2007 I was commissioned to create an exclusive hunting- knife as a gift for His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of  Denmark.

In the summer of 2011 I had a special exhibition of my knives and the proces of knifemaking, arranged by the Vordingborg Art Society at KulturArkaden in Vordingborg.

My knives with sheaths generally range in price from 3.000 - 8.000 Danish Crowns (DKR). Some of them a bit more depending on materials, time used and artistic quality.


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